Summit to sea in Lyngen Alps

Summit days in the Lyngen Alps are a unique experience. The Lyngen Alps are known for their pointed alpine peaks and have lured climbers and skiers here for a whole century. The place is popular with freeriders all over the world. Here, the bright days in March offer powder and good descents. From April / May, the days have become so long that it does not get dark anymore, the midnight sun is on its way and a summit trip in the afternoon is as nice as a morning trip. The view from the summit trip with fjords and islands that separate the coast from the ocean is spectacular here. You can start from the front door and go straight up to the top Storgalten which is right behind us. Other popular mountains nearby are Russelvfjellet, Stetinden, Rundfjellet.

Stay in cozy fisherman’s cabins on the pier and enjoy a nice meal in our panoramic restaurant with sea views. We have put together 2 summit tour packages where it is arranged for you to have an experience that gives you time to enjoy extra the summit trip, the view, good food and enjoy yourself. We use approved guides and also offer transport to the starting point for today’s peak. After a day out in the mountains, it is nice to be able to relax in our steam sauna and outdoor spa bath to soften the muscles. If you have not been here yet, we recommend you the trip and welcome you to us for your best summit experience.

If you are looking for accommodation only, see RELAX LYNGEN