Weekend trip to Lyngen

Weekend trip to magical Lyngen. Stay 2 nights for 1590, – per night in cabins or apartment. Experience the beautiful and majestic Lyngen Alps, take your girlfriend, family or friends for a weekend holiday in Lyngen. Wake up at the pier. Watch the Northern Lights dance in the evening, take a relaxing sauna and try our outdoor spa bath. Enjoy yourself around the fire pan, grill sausages or make campfire coffee.                                 

We offer snowmobile rides and snowshoe rides, or experience on your own with free loans of equipment, we have snowshoes, skates, cross-country skis, poles, kicks, headlamps and more to have fun together.

XLyngen is not far from the most popular places to see when visiting Lyngen, like the Blåisvannet “the bluest lake in the world” is possible to iceskate in winter there or by Aspevannet. Lyngstuva is the northenmost place where the Lyngenalps begin and has a ligthhouse who in popular to visit. If you are more dedicatet to skiing we are seited just by the foot of Storgalten and other mountains popular for skitouring.