Family vacation

Family offers, free accommodation for the children when staying 3 nights or more. from 1/6-1/11-2021 follow the link to get to the booking directly Family vacation 2021 apartment or  Family vacation 2021 Cabin

Do you want to calm down to experience a holiday where you gather more as a family? With us you get nature and the sea right in on you, listen to the sounds of nature, feel the sea scent and see the midnight sun in the “swell”. You can relax in our sea-close fishermen’s cabins/apartments. They stand on the quayside and give you the sea right outside that mirrors. The beautiful Lyngen Alps surround us, and we are located right at the foot of Storgalten, one of the most popular mountain skies in Lyngen.

Our cabins/apartments are modern and cozy furnished. There are ready-made beds and handcloths with when you stay with us. All our units are decorated for self-catering so if you want to enjoy cooking, it’s the perfect thing. It is possible to pre-order food from our restaurant Havblikk (only pre-order for all food) (we have more restaurants, fast food and shop near us.) All devices have free WIFI, and Smart tv 55″ for a “break” for a while if needed. You are welcome to try our delightful steam sauna and outdoor Jacuzzi for a spa experience.

Our best experience and joy is when you have a team together, which is why we have put together some activities you can do here with us. Lyngen offers many beautiful discoverable hiking trails. A popular trip is Blåisvannet which is Instagram friendly and Lyngstuva in the midnight sun in the evening. We’ll be happy to give you more tips. Try our offers and have fun together!

  1. Free hoof with bucket for each family for lending. Catch sea creatures and learn about their names.
  2. Go on a summit and take a picture of yourself/family where get a diploma with us. Our peaks are from approx. 100 m above sea level to 1834 m above sea level. There are many to choose from. We have tour tips for everyone.
  3. Bring a bag for trash when you’re on a trip, maybe you’ll find something someone’s thrown away. Plastic is a “worst thing.” Stay in the reception and get an ice cream every time. We are environmentally certified by Green Key and we are excited about your efforts.
  4. Rent a boat and bring 1 free fishing rod and try your luck fishing.
  5. Try a Quiz about the sea.
  6. Rent a bike with us and take a ride along the country road or trails.
  7. Take part in a course in Filtering of fish, art of what we find on the shoreline, or make your own wooden boat.

Hope I see you in beautiful Lyngen!